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Diploma in Multipurpose Health Worker(MPHW)

What is Diploma in Multi-Purpose Health Worker (M.P.H.W.)?

Multipurpose Health Worker Diploma is a two-year course in which students learn to handle an emergency or disaster where hospitals and medical facilities are unavailable. A Multipurpose Health Worker works or provides treatments connected to health problems.

It entails the distribution and promotion of health education in a variety of rural and semi-rural settings. In a developing country like India, inhabitants' optimum health cannot be reached without willing, trained, and health-conscious individuals.

The primary responsibilities of a multipurpose health worker include fully comprehending the impact of socioeconomic factors on the same, providing prompt treatment for minor illnesses and skilled first-hand treatment in the event of accidents and injuries, educating people about the importance of sanitation, safe drinking water, and hygiene, and managing fires, food crises, famines, and other disasters. A health worker's responsibilities and profile are diverse.

While studying this course, students will learn how to provide medical care and assistance in an emergency or a natural disaster. Candidates will receive training in this course on how to respond to epidemic circumstances by delivering food, medications, and immunizations, among other things. Candidates can also apply for this job by taking the S.S.C. entrance exam directly.

Eligibility Criteria for Diploma in Multi-Purpose Health Worker (M.P.H.W.)

The minimum condition for applying for Diploma in Multi-Purpose Health Worker is that the student has completed 10+2 from a reputable board with at least a 55 percent grade.

If the individual has a science background, it will be preferred.

Benefits of Diploma in Multi-Purpose Health Worker (M.P.H.W.)

The health sector is one of the most critical industries that significantly impacts a country's economy. Aside from doctors, there is a strong demand for Multipurpose Health Workers, the backbone of any medical company. They are known as the "allied health forces" because they support doctors, respond to emergencies, and do other technical tasks.

  • Students are aware of the influence of socioeconomic issues.
  • Students learn to be responsible and accomplish a variety of tasks.
  • Students learn how to treat mild illnesses quickly and provide first-hand care.
  • They learn how to deal with natural disasters.
  • Sanitation, family welfare, and medical equipment handling are among the topics covered by students.

Future Scope of Diploma in Multi-Purpose Health Worker (M.P.H.W.)

For candidates who want to pursue higher studies, many specialized diploma courses teach the nitty-gritty of the chosen specialization. Besides, they can opt for bachelor's and further master's courses in the field.

Career and Job Opportunities after Diploma in Multi-Purpose Health Worker (M.P.H.W.)

Candidates who complete the Diploma in Multipurpose Health Worker are qualified to work in both the public and private sectors. In this industry, both men and women enjoy equal opportunity. Multipurpose health personnel is in higher demand in states like Haryana and Chattisgarh these days. Candidates who completed the diploma in multipurpose health work can work for the Ministry of Family Planning, the Ministry of the Environment, the Ministry of Health, and any government and non-government Non-Governmental Organizations.

With the rise of healthcare facilities, the demand for certified and skilled multipurpose healthcare workers never reduces but instead grows. There are opportunities for private practice and positions in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, orphanages, and old age homes. The need for skilled multipurpose health care workers is growing in tandem with the expansion of nursing education and training institutions. Skilled multipurpose health care workers have a job that is an emotionally draining profession that requires long and demanding hours. They are frequently exposed to health risks. Salary levels in many firms are extremely low.

The candidate can work as a supervisor or development officer in any organization after completing the Diploma in Multipurpose Health Worker. Candidates can expect to earn between INR10,000 and INR15,000 per month at first, with salaries rising to between 25,000 and 30,000 per month as they gain experience in their industry. Candidates can also build a profession out of opening their clinic or working in private practice.

Fees Structure & Course Duration of Diploma in Multi-Purpose Health Worker (M.P.H.W.)

The average fee for the course is one lakhs. The duration of this course is 2 years.

Syllabus of Diploma in Multi-Purpose Health Worker (M.P.H.W.)

Year 1




Anatomy & Physiology                                                                               






Health & Hygiene

Year 2



Public Health


First aid and Emergency Care


Health Information Education & Communication                                     


Project Work


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