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Diploma in Homeopathy Pharmacy (DHP)

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Homeopathic Pharmacy is a branch of study that deals with collecting, compounding, combining, preparing, preserving medicines and drugs based on homeopathic principles. It prepares medicines according to the prescription of the homeopathic physician. The course also embraces the professional and legal aspects and also deals with the proper distribution of drugs and medicines.

Homeopathy Pharmacy is taught as one of the subjects in BAMS. The graduates can specialize in it at the postgraduate level and also at the Ph.D. level. This course is also offered at the certificate and diploma level of study.

The average duration of the program is 2 -3 years. The course is usually offered by medical or homeopathy medical institutes. There are around 170 homeopathy colleges in India and the admission is based on national level entrance tests. 

After completion of the course, the candidates can work as a pharmacist, medical representative, drug officer, or start their own retail business in the area of homeopathic pharmacy. The average salary expected in this field of career is around INR 2 - 5 lakh per annum.

Homeopathy Pharmacy Courses: Course List

The courses offered in the field of Homeopathy Pharmacy has been mentioned in the table below:

Course Name

Level of Study



Certificate Course in Pharmacy - Homeo


1 year

50% in SSLC or equivalent

Diploma in Homeopathy Pharmacy


2 years


MD Homeopathic Pharmacy


3 years


Ph.D. in Homeopathy Pharmacy


3 years

Post Graduation

Why Study Homeopathy Pharmacy Courses?

  • Homeopathy medicine is a form of complementary and alternative medicine that is prepared through small amounts of natural substances. They generally have a reasonably safe profile.
  • There are about 100 million Indians that solely depend on homeopathy for any kind of treatment since it is expected to have lesser side effects. 
  • Homeopathic medicine is common among cancer patients. The 2018 studies show that homeopathic medicine helps to control symptoms in an integrative cancer treatment program.
  • According to the Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (ASSOCHAM), the domestic homeopathy market size is estimated to be INR 2,758 Crores in 2010.
  • The homeopathic market globally is estimated to be INR 26,300 Crores, with France being the largest contributor. Even in the UK, the market has grown from 38 million pounds in 2007 to 46 million pounds in 2012.

Homeopathy Pharmacy: Admission Process

  • Diploma and certificate course: For admission process for diploma and certificate courses are usually based on merit.
  • Postgraduate course: Admission into MD Homeo Pharmacy is based on an entrance test. The candidates will have to clear the AIAPGET exam conducted by their state. Then the candidates who have cleared the minimum cut-off will be called for counseling to select the institute and branch of study.
  • Doctorate course - The admission into the Ph.D. course is based on the written test usually conducted by the institutes themselves. The institute will release the merit list a few days after the test and the shortlisted candidates will be called for a personal interview. The candidates will be selected based on their performance in the entrance exam, their previous academic scores, and their performance in the interview.

Homeopathy Pharmacy: Eligibility

  • For diploma courses, the candidates should have completed 10+2 with science. They should have biology as one of the subjects and should have a minimum aggregate of 50%.
  • For master courses, they should have completed BHMS with a minimum aggregate of 50% from a recognized university. They should have professional experience with a registration certificate from the homeopathic board or council.
  • For doctorate courses, the candidates should have completed a postgraduate degree from a recognized universi

Homeopathy Pharmacy: Advantages and Disadvantages

The pros and cons of studying homeopathy pharmacy have been mentioned in the section below. 


  • This course deals with the preparation of medicines with the use of natural ingredients, mostly sourced from herbal plants and minerals. They are diluted several times and thus have little to no side effects.
  • These medicines address the root cause of the illness and slowly work on addressing the disease itself other than its symptoms.
  • It can be used in conjunction with other allopathic medicines.
  • In India, it is cheaper and thus opted by most people.


  • The results of these medicines are slow and there are no proven scientific studies, thus there is no guarantee that the medicines are effective for every individual.
  • These medicines are not advertised by the local drug agencies. They can be found only in the homeopathic stores or by the homeopathy physician.
  • There is a lack of strict regulations by industry organizations. Most homeopathic medicines are not tested or assessed in clinical trials.

Homeopathy Pharmacy Course: Syllabus

The topics covered in the Homoeopathic Pharmacy has been mentioned in the table below:



General Concepts and Orientation

Introduction to Pharmacy

Evolution of Pharmacy

History of Homeopathic Pharmacy

Various Definitions of Pharmacy

Homeopathic Pharmacopeia

Weights and Measurements

Relationship between Pharmacy and Homeopathic Materia Medica

Relationship between Pharmacy and Organon of Medicine

Relationship between Pharmacy and National Economy

Nomenclature of Homeopathy Drugs with their Anomalies

Raw Material - Drugs and Vehicles

Sources of Drugs

Collection of Drug Substances


Homeopathic Pharmaceutical Instruments and Appliance

Homeopathic Pharmaceutics

Mother Tincture and its Preparations - Old and New Methods

Drug Dynamization of Potentisation

Various Scales used in Homoeopathic Pharmacy

External Applications

Doctrine of Signature





Dispensing of Homoeopathic Medicines

Semisolid Vehicles


Homeopathic Pharmacodynamics

Drug Proving

Pharmacological Action of Drugs

Quality Control

Standardization of Homoeopathic Drugs

Homoeopathic Pharmaceutical Laboratory

Homoeopathic Laboratory Procedures



Scope of Homeopathy Pharmacy Courses

After completion of the homeopathy pharmacy courses, the graduates have the following career options:

  • Start Job: They can find jobs in the government or private hospitals and dispensaries. They can also work for health organizations and help in the preservation of diseases.
  • Start a Business: They can also start their own homeopathy pharmacy store, or can work as chemists for other pharmacy stores. They can start their own retail or wholesale business in homeopathy medicines.
  • Higher Studies: Students can opt for higher studies like going for PhD courses and can enroll themselves in the related field. Having a Phd Degree will open a plethora of options for the Homeopathy Pharmacy enthusiasts.

Homeopathy Pharmacy Course: Job Options



Average Salary


They work for pharmacies or drug stores. They are also employed in hospitals and medical clinics. They provide medicine to the customers based on the doctor's prescription.

INR 2,57,074

Retail Pharmacist

They have licensed pharmacists who work in a retail pharmacy setting by opening up their own drug store. Their job is to obtain a list of medications and serve the customers within the community.

INR 2,49,249

Drug Inspector

They are professionals in the field of pharmacy. They monitor and execute the efficiency, quality, safety, and usefulness of drugs from the production to the selling stage.

INR 6,60,000

Medical Representative

Their work is to promote the company's medications, drugs, and medical equipment. They implement various strategies to increase awareness about the company's medical supplies.

INR 3,00,000

Top Recruiting Companies

Some of the top homeopathic pharmaceutical companies in India are mentioned in the table below.

Dr. Raj Homoeo Pharmacy



SBL World-Class Homeopathy


RS Bhargava


Allen's Laboratories Pvt Ltd





Sarada Homoeo Laboratory

B Jain Pharmaceuticals





Bakson's Homeopathy



Allen Homeopathy

Bangalore Homoeo Pharmacy



Natel Neutratec

St. Georges


Statistics state that about 100 million Indians depend solely on Homeopathic medicines for the treatment of their ailments. Homeopathic medicine has also achieved a breakthrough in the treatment of the deadliest disease, cancer. Using natural ingredients, herbal plants, minerals, etc in the preparation of the medicine renders them free from deadly side effects. Today's educated population prefers efficient drugs with the least possible side effects. Homeopathy Pharmacy has an upper hand here. The discipline teaches the students to administer medicines that target the disease itself instead of targeting the symptoms thus giving better results. Moreover, India is a developing country with the maximum number of people barely making ends meet. In such a scenario, something as cheap yet effective as Homeopathy medicine is bound to attain favour which in turn will make Homeopathy Pharmacy an advancing and coveted discipline.


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